Global Cache WF2CC free to good home, you pay shipping

With our last upgrade to our Unifi WAPs, the WF2CC fell off the network. According to Global Cache, there are a slew of setting changes I can make to the wireless network to regain the device, but most of the changes they want me to make degrade security and performance for devices with modern wifi radios and software. So I decided to go with an rPi Zeo W and a relay hat instead. Have that programmed up, works fine, need to integrate it into the garage door plug-in.

So I have this WF2CC leftover. Have done a factory reset on it. They run about $115 new. I would happily box it up and ship it to anyone with US shipping address, you pay shipping. If I get no takers, it goes to the e-waste facility, which seems like a shame. But it’s of no use to me.


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