Global Cache Itach ip2sl and Lutron RadioRA Controller

Newbie here -

Just unboxed and hooked up a VeraLite, and it looks like it is far more capable than I had thought. I;ve been surfing through postings and have downloaded a couple of plugins, but I admit that I really don’t understand how I might connect a Lutron RS232 controller to the VeraLite. I have a brand new ip2sl and I have a really old USB 1.1 to serial converter cable. What is the best way to connect the VeraLite to the Lutron controller for someone who doesn’t want to do heavy configuration? The router, RS232 controller, VeraLite, and ip2sl are all within 4 feet of each other in a head-end room.

I was planning to test concept and then replace all of my old RadioRA switches with Z-wave, but if there is an easy and robust solution with the existing hardware, I would obviously prefer it.

Thanks in advance for putting up with me.