Global Cache GC100-12 Plugin and RS232 commands


I installed the plugin and tried to control RS232 but could not find how to.
I found how to send IR commands but in the drop down when selecting serial there is no option to send commandss…???
how do you send commands to the rs232 ports?


Read here, and you might find your answer.é-Serial-Ports

Your first link seems to be for another ui, maybe ui4? i’m on ui5
I can see the GC100 in my UI5 and can use the IR ports but it’s not clear for the serial ports see prinscreen

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Re: Global Cache GC-100-06
? Reply #4 on: May 20, 2010, 10:24:00 am ?
If you have an RS-232 attachable device, you still need a Luup Plugin to send that device it’s specific control commands, and to “map” them to the Media Control services that Vera exposes.

Vera exposes a number of these Media Control services, to let folks map Remote-Control style commands, like “Volume Up” to the byte/character sequence that needs to be Sent when that’s requested (either an IR proto-code, a RS232 Byte sequence etc)

eg. My TV needs “PON” to be sent to it, over RS-232, in order to turn it on, but my Amp needs something much more complex.

If you’re looking for examples, I have Plugins things that do this for my Panasonic TV, and for my Onkyo Receiver:

and I use these directly from SQRemote, where they show up like an “IR” device (even though they’re not using IR). I use both plugins above daily via SQRemote, and have used Vera’s IR Catalog to drive another device in my AV Stack.

If it’s IR, then Vera has a limited built-in catalog of the IR codes needed, but for RS232 there is no catalog and the Plugin must be hand-built. To do this, you’ll need the [RS232] Protocol documentation from your AV Component vendor… and a starting point/template like the examples above on

Technically Vera’s “(Advanced)” Scenes could be used to build a Macro equivalent, and SQBlaster can execute Vera Scenes via a Button press… it’s a bit around-the-houses at the moment, but it can be done.

That said, (Advanced) Scenes are a little broken in Vera… something I believe they’ll be addressing in UI4.

For Macro’s in SQRemote, you might want to post that on the SQRemote discussion board. There’s a public reference to it in this thread, and the Tool is being actively developed with new features:

but more voices are always a good thing, and they’re very responsive to feedback.


thank you i search the forum but did not found this :frowning:
the problem is the links are no longer valid and can’t find any plugins in the app store.
too bad this is what i really need :“eg. My TV needs “PON” to be sent to it, over RS-232, in order to turn it on, but my Amp needs something much more complex.”

any more ideas?


Well I found this post earlier when I was on my break at work…but when I get work I’ll look around and see what I can come up with…I’ll keep you posted through this thread when I find more info. Just need time to sit in front of a… 8)

thanks for your help.

So far what i did is: install the GC100 plugin
device GC100 (id13)
Created a device sony receiver (id26)
tried to configure the serial port (see screenshot)

but when i try to create a advanced scene and select the device id26, i get an error see screenshot.

i don’t understand the logic of this.

To be clear i need to send a command from UI5 to a GC100-12 (ip 192.168.1.xx port 4999) connected to my Sony str-da6400es.
commands are of this type: \x02\x04\xa0\x60\x00\x01\xfb\x03 (for power on)

I’m sure other people are trying or have tried or are doing this…


Sorry JPcolin, I know I said I would get back to you and I’m sorry I have not yet. Don’t give up on me yet. I have been working overtime at work and making computer repairs at home so I have not had any spare time. I haven’t forgot about you. Got some free time today after I get off work. Gonna do some research. Have you been able to find any new info yet?

Fryswatter, no problem! Take your time as long as you find a solution :wink:
Thanks very much for your help and keeping me informed!

That seems to be a lot of data for just a simple switch power command. Where did you get the command? And are you implementing the given command to Vera through the “Get luup file” button on the config window? To me it sounds like you are going to have to build your own luup plugin for device control…IR would be easier because the commands can be found in a library. However I learned by reading the manual for the itach, that there is a learn feature. :-\

These are from the Sony protocol.
Those commands work fine.
are you implementing the given command to Vera through the “Get luup file” button on the config window? Not sure what you mean?
Are you sure there is no easy way to sent those commands?
At the moment I just want to power on the receiver when the given sonos zone plays. And shut down tha receiver 15 min after the sonos zone is stopped