Gledopto bulbs - Vera integration

Hi Guys, I just came across a product. The brand is Gledopto. I am not sure if it is possible to integrate it under vera. It supposed to work with hue hub, but I am not sure. Does any of you have experience with the Gledopto bulbs? The seller seems ok, price-wise it seems perfect. My only concern, if something is too good to be true, it is never true. If you have any experience please share. Thanks

These are Zigbee bulbs. Color won’t likely work right because Vera doesn’t have the same type of Zigbee setup as Hue does. Non-color bulbs may pair, but control may be limited to on and off. In my experience, even dimming may not go quite right with Vera and Zigbee.
I’d stick with something officially supported.

Hi, that was really-really helpful. Many thanks. Do you know by any chance roughly how much does it cost a bulb? I checked different websites (don’t want advertise any of the sellers), but the one I found looks really cheap and states it is in Europe. Hence should not be any customs issues. Thanks

I struggled to find affordable color bulbs that work with Vera. I now use Smart Things for all of my color and dimmable bulbs. I’m up to 18 of them. The cost of switching hubs was far less than sticking to what does work with Vera.