Ghost Devices in My Network?

My Vera Edge (firmware 1.7.1142) is showing a bunch of devices that I don’t even own.


[ul][li]1x appliance module (device failed to configure)[/li]
[li]1x generic IO[/li]
[li]1x smoke sensor[/li]
[li]1x door and window sensor[/li]
[li]14x motion sensor[/li][/ul]

I tried to remove some (delete override) and it didn’t work.

Now I do have a door deadbolt, 2 appliance modules and a power strip still running on my veralite, which is independent of the Vera Edge network. And I do own 3 boxed appliance modules. I’ve never owned any motion sensors or window/door sensors or smoke alarms. And none of the stuff that I have yet to add to the new network adds up (in number) to the amount of these “ghost devices” that appear in my system.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’m fairly capable with home networking, but I’m just a trained monkey with vera, so I can follow instructions, but I don’t know exactly how the system commands/scripts work. I can only cut ‘n’ paste and adjust numbers on scripts other people write. :slight_smile:

You would not happen to have an Aeon HEM would you? Seems like I get this intermittently but I am able to delete them except for now two “generic IO” on my vera lite.

yes. I have the G1 AL HEM with latest firmware. And all of the motion sensors and locks are automatically grouped in the same “room.” but the generic appliance is not in a “room” at all.

I think the HEM is the source of this… No remedy for it though. I did get one that “got out of the room” too for the first time yesterday. I was still able to delete it.

I have the same issue.

A smoke sensor and 12 motion sensors which are child devices to an Aeon Multisensor (I have 4 of them and only one is exhibiting this behaviour).

I don’t have a HEM in the network.

best advice I can think of is submit a ticket so it pressures them to fix it. but don’t hold out any hope. this issue isn’t going anywhere, imo.

They will fix them on your behalf, the other way is too delete the device (using the delete and then delete)… This will remove and re-add; however this is a problem if related to scenes. In doing so, it removes all ghost devices

I’ve done this 5 times… usually when I get to the 6th motion sensor. I’m up to 12 on the latest attempt and I’m going to try and set a record. Although I’m sure I’ll run out of memory on the Vera before I get too many more devices.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my Vera. But sometimes the bugs make it feel like amateur hour.

Are you deleting the parent or the child ghost devices. Deleting the parent (not unpair) removes all the child devices it one time, it will then recreate the parent as a new device.

I do agree this is an Annoying bug but the child devices do not take up much memory at all.

got the same issue, logged a ticket to support, they replied asking me to downgrade to UI7.9
I will not do it for now but I am now not feeling confident about this at all