GetVera Android UI7 app loses my Vera..

Although I use AuthomationHD for Vera access, I also run GetVera’s Android Ui7 app on my phone for the home/away geofencing.

I have been noticing lately that for some reason the app ‘loses’ my Vera. The filmstrip at the top states that configuration is not complete and no devices show. But the app is still showing logged in. I have to log out and back in for the app to reconnect to my Vera and show the connected devices and statuses. This unfortunately causes issues with geofencing and makes that feature very unreliable.

Phone : LG G2 latest version of Android available for it.
Vera : Vera 3 with latest version of UI7

Am I the only one with this problem or are others noticing this as well?

Update: I’m wondering if this is caused by the login servers going down. As it just happened again and I can’t login to on my PC either…

I have this problem constantly as well… I think it is a timeout from the app being open too long on the phone. If you open your android task manager, then clear the app by swiping left, when you reopen the app it usually is connected just fine. I might see if there is a way to make the app not sit in the background and close if not used in the last few minutes. This is all phone configuration though, it would be nice to have a developer fix for this.