Getting SQ Connect to refresh its device pile from Vera?

I’m hanging on, still running Vera 1, 1.0988 (yes, UI2). Have been having some fun trying to install and configure some HM-DW001 sensors for my garage doors. Pretty sure I’ve got one sensor that is mechanically unsound, and have removed it from the Zwave network on Vera, and set it aside with its batteries out.

Sadly, the door it was on was our high-traffic door–we probably use that one more than the front door to the house. So when I set it aside, I just swapped the one I’d mounted for the least-used door in its place, and renamed it in Vera’s GUI. Maddeningly, excluding the flakey sensor seemed to have excluded its neighbor as well, for no good reason, so I formally excluded it and added it back in. Vera now sees the two working sensors, knows their names, they’re configured, etc.

But SQ Connect seems to be hanging on to old data, and wouldn’t show status for either of the working data in their current setup–with their current device numbers. I deleted the “old” devices from the iPhone setup screen, but the new ones don’t seem to be showing up so I can associate them with the sensor pads.

Is there a way to nudge the app to go resupply on MIOS devices?



You just need to restart the app. Under iOS 4, you will need to double-tap the home button, press and hold the SQ Remote icon until a minus sign appears, and press the minus sign to exit the app. When you next start the app, it will get the list of all devices from Vera.