Getting ready for Vera Plus


I have upgrade questions.

I have a vera lite. If I add a device, remove it, and re-add the same device, vera reports a new device number. Because of this, over the years, I have a device count of over 540 devices.

  1. As I upgrade, naturally, I want to correct this. If I backup, and restore, won’t I have the same situation?

  2. Will I REALLY need to remove each device individually from the existing controller? Is there really no method where the device will forget it was part of the old controller?

Thanks for any pointers, or upgrade documentation!

  1. Yes, everything will remain the same.

  2. Yes, you will have to exclude before you can include into another system.

  • Garrett

Garrett - Thanks, I was really hoping for a different answer, but all I read, told me no such luck ::slight_smile:

You can use EITHER Vera to EXCLUDE the device …
But you must use the correct controller to include.

Thanks Richard.

I was looking at my Enerwave ZWN-SC7 manual, and it appears I can do a factory reset, where that will completely remove any trace of a hub association.

I suspect that not all devices , like some jasco outlets, or wall switches might not offer this capability, so good to know either hub can remove the device.

Has anyone seen an up to date list of Zwave plus devices? I would like to upgrade my mailbox, and fence gates to get a stronger signal.