Getting new devices added to the Vera "Device List"

I have a couple of devices that aren’t listed, so I had to add them as generic devices, and as such none of the available parameters show up, and I’m not able to add parameters (tends to give me a failure setting user configuration error).

The devices are:

Aeon Dual Nano Switch (ZW132)
Oomi Nano Dimmer (FT111)

I’ve emailed support asking them to add the devices but figured I’d see if theres a better way around it…


The logistics behind devices showing up in there is a little bit more complicated than a simple “add to list”.
Those are devices added by manufacturer requests, using their input and help. They are fully tested devices, pre-integrated by manufacturer specs.

We are closely working with Aeon in integrating all of their devices, and the nano dimmer will make its way into Vera’s soon.
But we don’t have any contact with Oomi yet.