Getting Data from Datamine2 - Solved

This post has (for me) changed from thinking I could not download data, to the realization that the data was not going to the USB stick (I since discovered that doesn’t matter) And now I’ve discovered the error in my original issue:

The URL to download the data is:


My original error was in the portion of the command “channel1=39” Where the 39 was from the datamine2 documentation. I erroneously though the “39” was the vera ID number. It is not. In “channel1=xx” the xx is the sequence in the datamine2 configuration.
So if you are logging 3 variables, then xx could be 1 or 2 or 3.


I updated this post because I discovered a reason I could no read the data from the USB is the data was not on the USB. I will start another post regarding the USB setup.


I’m using a VeraPlus with UI7 1.7.3232 and datamine 2.0

I’ve installed datamine2 and seem to be logging data (to USB) based on my ability to see the data graph.

My next goal is to download the data which has not turned out so well.

My command:


(My start and stop “times” are before the data started and near the end of the data)

The Result:


Can anyone see what I’m missing?



Would love to know how to download data to a my pc as well to review and interact with in excel as well.

I’d also like to know where one can find DataMine 2.0 documentation online? Thanks!

EDIT: Starting point seems to be