Get rid of old logs

How do you Get rid of old logs and what does Poll all Nodes do.

To get rid of old logs just power cycle the device, it has no internal storage. As far as clearing old log data on the findvera access, I would like to know how to do this too. My findvera “events” page is just a garbled mess… but maybe it just doesnt work correctly…

Poll all nodes… this will attempt to get the status of all the devices on your network.

It would be great to be able to get rid of logs you don’t want. After renaming things it still keeps the old name on there as well as the new.

Yes it does and it’s hard to keep track

Deleting old events it’s not so easy to be realized, but we’re working on implementing an hide events option.


I’ve taken a look to the CRON of my System and there is a job named

Isn’t this the answer for your question?




I didn’t find the time to look into the script yet. Maybe it will only rotate but not delete …?