GET_LANG(system_error,System error) : Device: 87. Fail to load implementation fi


Upgraded to the latest Vera Edge Beta (7.0.12) and I’m getting this error message:
GET_LANG(system_error,System error) : Device: 87. Fail to load implementation file D_Sonos1.xml.
GET_LANG(system_error,System error) : Device: 88. Fail to load implementation file D_Sonos1.xml.

Any suggestions to why?


Hi svjakobs,

Can you tell me if this message was displayed when you installed the plugin or it is still there after an engine reload? If is still there , can you enable tech support and send me the access codes via email or pm? We need to look at your unit to see where is the issue.

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  • Andrei -

I’m not allowed to send PM. Please send me an email address I can send the remote login info on.


I sent you an email

I’m receiving a similar message:

GET_LANG(system_error,System error) : Device: 28. Fail to load implementation file D_CountdownTimer1.xml

after updating to 1.7.1569.

I believe this corresponds to the CountdownTimer device, but I can no longer access that device after having to go through the steps to remove it found in the below thread because it was causing my vera to infinitely reboot.,9425.165.html

Hi all,

I get the exact same message about a device # that I don’t even have in the list: “Device 39 fail to load implementation file: I_BinaryLight1.xml”

it started once I upgraded the firmware (I am also getting other errors with the new FW: “Success transmit was ok” is now coded into a red box (?) and one Zwave node “cannot be configured” yet still responds to commands.

How can I even look at device 39? It’s not in the list of devices.

I went to Apps > develop apps and re-uploaded it and it still complains.

How can this be fixed?


I have the same error only it relates to my D_PhoneLoc file. It started right after firmware update.

Support logged into my Vera to figure out what was going on. It sounds like a newly surfaced UI bug that cropped up after they fixed a different bug that was masking error messages.

They sent me the following email:

The GET_LANG issues is caused by not importing the language token for this error message and this is on our side and we will fix it. Regarding "Fail to load implementation file D_CountdownTimer1.xml" it seems that you had at some point the CountdownTimer plugin installed or maybe you created the device manually and it was not deleted form user_data. This device is looking for the implementation file specified in device file but it doesn't find it on your unit. I double checked and you don't have any CountdownTimerplugin files on your unit. The error message was not shown until now due to an old bug that we found lately and after fixing it, the system status message with the error was displayed. In order to remove this message you will need to delete this device. For this you can use the following request :

http://gateway_address:3480/data_request?id=device&action=delete&device=device_id, in your case 28

Deleting the device as instructed and rebooting the very cleared up the error in my case.

Hi all,

The GET_LANG(system_error,System error) is a small displaying error caused by our language tool that failed to import this language token.
Regarding “Fail to load implementation file” issue, due to an old bug that we fixed recently, this message was not displayed. It appears when the implementation file for a device is not found on the gateway of the device parameters are wrong specified. This can be caused by manually created device from what I could see after debugging some units with this issue. To fix this issue you will need to delete the device that is showing the error like this :


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  • Andrei -

You could move this topic at a better place as it has absolutely no link with the Sonos plugin.

Hi all,

It’s still producing the error, even after running the URL suggested above (which returned “OK”). I replaced “device_id” with “39” (the one that it’s complaining about).

Any other tips?

Hi all,

I had to do two reboots for some reason before it would clear up. Thanks for the tip about the URL, it did resolve the issue after the 2nd reboot. Thanks.


perfect solution!

How do you figure out which device you’re about to delete?

You can get a list of devices here:

There may be other ways. Vera doesn’t make this stuff as easy as it could be.

I cannot seem to remove those _GET_LANG devices using the URL code provided here by andreimios with or without rebooting… Any other tricks to try?