Hi has anyone had this problem with Geofencing before,
When i leave my house with the app open the Geofencing works fine and sends me a notification.
But when i close the app and then leave the Geofencing area my app dose not pic up that i have left the area and i do not get a notification until i open the app again.

Is there a way to keep the app running all the time in the background??

It should run in the background.
I get a square shaped icon on my Android 7.1 when the app is running in the background.
What phone and mobile os version are you running?

I opened a ticket with support.

It appears that you cant depend on the Android version as it’s (like Vera) in development.

It may contain other bugs apart from the Geofencing bug.

[font=arial][size=14px]The Mobile App for iOS received an upgrade that allows it to view devices created by plugins and control them to a certain extend. The Android Mobile app is still in development, we currently don?t have any ETA for when it?s going to get released but it should not be too long.[/size][/font]