Geofencing?! Anyone!? Anyone?!

What is the point of having a Geofencing feature when it’s been broken for many months now? And it seems there has been zero effort to fix it? This will be the last Vera device I ever own!

Agreed. Geofencing has been a problem for vera for a long time. It didn’t work…then it did…then it didn’t. A hot mess for sure. Google changed something regarding geolocation that limited apps on how often they could get the information. There is a fix but it would require updating/re-writing the vera app. I am guessing since the acquisition nothing is going to happen until the new management gets a hold of the operation.

I have adjusted my scenes for leaving and arriving to compensate for the geofence issue.

I have found that netmon app works pretty decently for arrival scenes. You might want to give it a try.

Using it for away scenes can work but you might have issues when your smartphone turns off its wifi at home.

The iPhone Locator apps has worked very well for us for a number of years.

Is Geofencing just an issue on the android platform?

I still also have a couple of Windows phones 950xl and 930 and it has always worked really reliably on them, however I have never had it work on my Android phone.