Generic Camera DVR - Adding

A client is using a generic camera DVR - I can’t find any manufacturer anywhere on the device. Following the instructions on the wiki [url=][/url] I couldn’t find a generic DVR in the list. Here is how I found the URL to use:

  1. Log into the camera’s URL in a web browser
  2. This one offered “JPEG viewer” as an option once I’m authenticated
  3. Click on “JPEG viewer” and select the camera channel then click “View”
  4. In your browser right click to get the source (different depending on your browser version)

Mine had the following line in the “Script” area

document.write('<img width="320" height="240" id="jpeg" src="cgi-bin/net_jpeg.cgi?ch=' + ch + '&' + (new Date()).getTime() + '"/>');

The camera was on channel 1 which equals channel zero so the URL was


Use that to follow the instructions in the wiki for adding cameras [url=][/url]