General WiFi Device Integration

I am using a Vera Edge controller with multiple Zwave devices connected and it all works great. It is not clear to me however, if I would be able to integrate a WiFi controlled device into my Vera system and control it with the same desktop or mobile app. A camera or a programmable switch would be good examples of the kinds of devices I might want to integrate. A friend is commenting that he doesn’t see the need for a hub based system since he can control wifi devices from apps on his phone but I suspect that you would wind up with a mulititude of apps to control multiple devices, or at least one app per manufacturer. The potential utility of using a single app to control all wireless devices is obvious but is it doable with the Vera system?

If the device has http command sets to both send data and receive commands, LUUP code in Vera could be used to communicate and control the Wi-Fi device. I use this to arm and disarm Blue Iris running on a Windows 10 PC.

That’s interesting…

Can you show me an example?


And that’s exactly what i do as well with my (cheap) Sonoff devices. Works perfect :slight_smile:

To arm: luup.inet.wget(“http://Blue_Iris_IP:Port/admin?profile=1&lock=2&user=BlueIrisID&pw=BlueIrisPW”)

To disarm, send the same command but profile=0.

I have profile 1 set to record any movement 24-7. Profile 0 is just streaming the feeds (just images) from Blue Iris to Vera.


Do you have this code in a scene?

Can this luup code be used directly in a virtual switch without a scene?

What about recieving data, how would you get that to show in UI7 like i.e a temperature sensor?

Yes, I have those codes in a Arm and Disarm scene, triggered by a house mode change. I know you can place the code in PLEG but I do not know about virtual switch.

Do not know how to receive data. There are some plugins that to that. For instance, I use a plugin to get data from by 2 UPS units. It reports line voltage and time left on the battery from an app running on 2 Windows 10 computers. Weatherunderground plugin works similarly. It reports lots of data received from an outside website.