GE45631 Again

yes, there are a few threads regarding the GE45631. It is a very nice piece of hardware that I would really like to work with vera…

I am running UI5 beta (.432) and have included the GE45631 as z-wave node 12 (altid == 12), set my triggers, and re-included the GE45631.

Per previous threads, this seems to have worked for some, but not me. In the logs, I don’t see at 02 lines directed at node 12. Not sure what to do next…

Can anyone help?

I’m trying to use 45631 too.

my experience is add it to vera3 and send the network to 45631…I associate the devices and I can turn on and off 4 lighs.
when I press in Scene to change to scene I can not runs the associated scenes in vera3 advanced settings… then it only runs the control of the lights directly…not scenes…at least with me.


yes, I have gotten that far as well, which shows that the GE45631 is reading in, associating, and controlling other z-wave lights directly.

That functionality is basically useless for me. I need to run scenes in vera that do many other things besides turn some lights on/off.

So, we have exactly the same be behavior and no solution so far…

yes, let’s wait by someone with a solution.

After many tests, definitely do not run scenes, now my question is how do this device update status of the lamps turned on or off by it. For me is a good option to retrofit instalations because we can associate 4 lamps to your buttons.

I bought one of these as well, my wife wanted a physical switch to control the nightstand lights. Boy what a mistake, I sure wish someone could come up with a way to get around the “NODE < 32” issue.

This device will not talk to any devices that have a Device ID or “Node” greater than 32.

I really wish I would of dug a little deeper in these forums before buying this darn thing.