GE12722 Not responding for same 12hr period everyday.

I have a GE12722 light switch paired with my Veralite running Ui7 that I shows up as Device not responding from about 8PM to 8AM every day. I am new to Vera and only have this one switch and deadbolt lock setup on the network. The deabolt works fine and has no issue staying connected. I have no scenes configured and the modes are setup for “No Change”. During the day it works without issue. It just stops working at night for some reason.

Anyone have any thoughts on why this could be happening or suggestions on how to fix it?



Hi obd, welcome to the Vera community.

I think it is likely one of two issues; interference coming from a 900 MHz device, either in your home or a neighbor’s, the most common of which is baby monitors. They can be very disruptive. The other thing it could be is range, I know that at night, radio signals can travel further in the atmosphere and something like that could effect performance. If it is a baby monitor or 900 MHz device I would suggest unplugging it and replacing it with one on a different frequency. If there is no 900MHz device it is likely range related and there are a couple of things you can do for that; try moving your controller to a more central location or add additional AC powered devices to act as repeaters. Lamp modules are usually the least expensive.

Thank you Marc. I will try adding another AC powered device to the network to see if that helps as we have no 900Mhz devices in the house.

Best regards,