GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control Three-Way On/Off Kit

I bought this kit to replace my fan light switch. In my living room i have a 2 gang box that has the fan light and the fan blades on it. I also have on the other side of the space a single switch that also controls the light. I bought this kit and i can not get it to work. In the main switch i have a red white and black. On the other switch i have two blacks and a white. I hooked up the red into traveler, white to common and the black to load. The other switch that came with the kit only has traveler and common yet i have 3 wires there. I am at a loss as to how to hook it up. Any suggestions?

Do a search in this forum for GE 3way.

Zwave 3way switches are not wired like normal 3way switches.

Personally, I like the Intermatic Zwave switches because you can use ‘regular’ switches on the other end.

As others on the forum say, “search is your friend”.