GE Z-Wave Plus Hinge Pin Smart Door Sensor

Has anyone tried the GE Z-Wave Plus Hinge Pin Smart Door Sensor?

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You should read the install directions. The little gear in the center needs to be flipped over if your changing the direction of the door. I needed the little white bushing to take care of most of the wiggle room in the device. It is still not tight, but after you get it set up, it’s not an issue that it’s not fitting snug on the hinge pin.

In my opinion, LARGE is good for some things, and not for others. If you are going to use this where it’s visible and want to try attempt be transparent, DON’T BUY THIS ONE. I have mine in the laundry room since my family and myself can never seem to turn that light off when leaving the room, so it’s a non issue. It’s behind the door and out of sight.This is not a small unit

The Setup was simple. I paired it to smart things. It paired right up with no problems. Now it turns the light on when the door is opened and off when it’s closed, so it seems fairly responsive. It took a little bit to get it set to where I wanted it because you can set how far open or closed you want your trigger on this. I don’t have another use for this type of sensor due to the size, but I can see it being used in areas that are less visible. - amazon review

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