GE Wireless Controller 45601 not compatible with Vera Lite?

I just purchased a GE 45601 wireless controller, and want to use it as a secondary controller. I was able to successfully add it to my network, and it appears on my Vera dashboard under “Devices”. To configure it I click on the Wrench Icon, then “Scenes”. The Vera GUI shows drop-down menus to attach scenes to the controller’s nine “on” buttons. But below where it says “Activate the following scenes when the buttons are turned off:”, there are no drop-down menus, so I can’t configure the “off” actions. Has anyone else tried to use this secondary controller with a Vera?



The Off buttons cannot be used for scenes on Vera (limitation of the remote). There are quite a few threads on this that should turn up in a search; the 45601 is a popular device.