GE Simon XT Protocol

I have a GE Simon xt system and I am trying to figure out the protocol. Does anyone have any advice?

This has come up once or twice in the past. I believe that the Simon XT is a closed system that you will not be able to interface with. Be prepared to rip out the central alarm panel and replace it with one of the six or so models that there is a Vera plugin for.

I was told by someone really, really high up at GE that they use the same protocol for most of their panels and he said the GE Simon XT falls into that category. He said there are people who have figured out their protocol or a way around it. That got me thinking a lot. He said its just like their old transmitter protocol.

So, you want to somehow use your existing devices, currently connected to your GE Simon XT, and make them available to use in Vera, no?

I do not want to use Vera. I want to make my own device. I thought I was going to be able to figure out the protocol but I havent been able to yet.

It doesn’t look like those people are here on this forum. Or on any searchable part of the Web, according to some googling I did.

I’m not even certain that the Simon XT has a serial port or an Ethernet socket, so it’s hard to see how you could talk to it even if you did know the language it speaks.

Consider the possibility that your really high-up contact at GE was talking about something different, such as the phone line protocol that their alarms use to dial out. That’s an upstream connection rather than a downstream connection that all the Vera plugins use.

Is this being driven by anything more than a desire to not pay money to Are you after any additional automation functionality that you can’t get from what you current have? If you lay it all out on the table we are much more likely to be able to help you. If you string us along with short posts then I for one am going to get bored and stop replying.

The snaps right into the simon xt. I am paying way too much money and I am trying to guild my own cdma module. I appreciate your expertise and I hope I am not boring you. Below is a link to the module and how it works.

Wait… so you flood a forum, that is dedicated to Vera support, with messages that have nothing to do with Vera operation or integration?

Ok then… ::slight_smile: