GE remote 45600 $5.99 at Amazon

I stumbled across this on Amazon.

It’s only $5.99 and is prime-eligible.

I already have a couple of these from the Radio Shack deal, so I don’t need any. But it seems like a good price.

[quote=“Intrepid, post:1, topic:172430”]I stumbled across this on Amazon.

It’s only $5.99 and is prime-eligible.

I already have a couple of these from the Radio Shack deal, so I don’t need any. But it seems like a good price.[/quote]

This may or may not be the regular price at Amazon, but if not they offer this price fairly often. Still a good deal if you need the remote. Personally I’ve become addicted to MiniMotes. They’re a lot more expensive but are tiny and work great.

Does anyone know if you can make these dim lights rather than just toggle on/off?

They are ful function remote, slightly hard to program.

I have not tried recently, but last time, I could not get individual lights to assign to keys. You are supposed to be able to assign 18 individual devices (lights or appliances), but the remote never acts correct.

I think others have had success, others have not. The theory is there are different versions of the remote out there.
More info:,9903.0.html

There are actually three GE Remotes - the GE 45600 (No LCD Display), the GE 45601 (LCD Display) and the GE45608 (Home theater remote). There is also a wall-mounted GE 45631 wireless keypad.

I have tried the 45600 and the 45601. I have used these as secondary controllers with the Vera in controlling up to 9 devices (lights). The shift function to get the second set of 9 does not work very well. And, the ability to create groups or scenes does not work either.

My kids use them to turn on/off the light switch and outlets in their room. I use the GE 45601 in my living room to control the vampire loads, one switch at a time. (I had hoped I could setup several scenes)

I have not tried the home theater remote or the wireless keypad. Maybe someone can fill me in.

You can create scenes. Create the scenes on the Vera. Set an event on “scene activated” with the button number that you want to activate the scene. Then put in all the commands that you want to happen in the scene. When this is complete, re-include the remote to the Vera. The Vera will program the buttons for any light-type devices that are in the scene. This will allow the OFF side of the scene button to work on the remote. (It will only turn off light type devices that have an off.)

My $0.02 recap: the 45600 can be used to trigger 9 scenes (i.e. for whatever reason the additional 9 scenes are not supported). It can also be used to control devices directly if Vera is used with Z-Wave firmware 2.78. The latter issue may not exist in newer (?) versions of the remote (i.e. it may work fine with Vera on Z-Wave firmware 3.20).

(Vera Lite @ 1.5.408 / 2.78)

I’ve got the 45601 controlling a group of lights. Haven’t played with Vera scenes yet but it’s great having a remote to control my living room lamps without having to pull my phone out to flip the lights on.

I have the GE 45600 setup with scenes on buttons 1-5. I have tried this remote with my Vera 2 on Z-Wave firmware 2.78 and 3.20. With both firmwares, I have issues where the wrong scenes will run. For example Button 4 runs the scene for Button 4 and also the scene for Button 3. I tried a factory reset of my Vera today to fix this problem, but the bug is still happening. Do the scenes trigger consistently for anyone?

Vera 2 on 1.5.408

I have upgraded to a VeraLite. My GE 45600 remotes are still having the same problems where they activate the wrong Vera scenes.

VeraLite 1.5.408

I mentioned something very similar here and didn’t receive any replies. Since there seems to be more than one version of the 45600, my suspicion is that the firmware update fixed one scene problem for the 45600, but created a new problem for this version of the remote.