GE Link bulbs via Vera via Hue

Apologies if I am rehashing a pror conversation, but I did not find any specific to this in my searches. While looking for a way to integrate and control a Wink Hub, I found a topic elsewhere which discusses using a Hue controller to handle the GE Link bulbs, in lieu of the Wink Hub. This in turn made me think of the Vera / Hue plugin and how that might make a workable soultion to reach and control the GE Link blbs via a vera → hue bridge plugin.

Anyone try this out yet, or should I go get some bulbs and try/report bavk myself?,12536.0.html

This is the plugin you are talking about.
It is my understanding that you can do exactly what you are asking. I was also thinking about getting a hue hub for this.
I have read a lot of the plugins 21 pages, but not exactly sure if you get any kind of status report about the current setting of the GE link bulbs…on or off or level of dim. I think when vera polls the status it will update, but it won’t be instant status. Again…this is just a guess from scanning through the thread. I don’t currently have it working. Posting in the thread will get the answers you are looking for.