GE/Jesco Outlet Operating Backwards

I recently added a GE/Jesco outlet to my system. The device operates fine as far turning it off and on goes but it is listed backwards. OFF means the outlet is hot while ON means there is no power. I looked at the configuration. I looked at the device variables and nothing stood out. Any ideas?

Make sure that the following fields on the advanced tab are correct.

device_type: urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:BinaryLight:1
device_file: D_BinaryLight1.xml

I dont have the docs handy right now, but I know on the GE light switches, there’s a variable you can send to it, in order to reverse the “on/off” button. I wonder if there’s a similar setting on the outlet?? (I know this after installing one upside down, and being too lazy to fix it physically!) :slight_smile: