GE / Jasko & Dimmer Load Level

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Ended up figuring this out (I think) on a GE/Jasko ZW3008 w/ Vera ID#19 and ZWAVE ID#6. Basically 2 actions to set the brightness to 25%:

Run Lua – This sets it up from the Vera perspective. So Vera initiated actions work.

Device Action – This sets it up from the device / Zwave perspective. So manual button initiated actions work (including sensor trigger).

Note here I used the value ‘24’, since the valid range is 0 to 99, corresponding to (n-1) as is typical with computer language indexing. So, if you want 25%, 25 - 1 = 24.

Have some complex logic to determine if (a) Night Mode is active, (b) device is currently powered off, and (c) house mode is either Home or Night. Then also have logic to set back to 100% during all other times if the device is powered off. So this doesnt auto-dim or brighten if it is already on and set, and resets to 100% on key lighting fixtures when you are walking around the house prior to going to bed. The 30% is so that you are not woken up (completely) when you stumble to the bathroom at night!

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This is fantastic if it works! I know one of the biggest challenges was getting the switch itself to have the value, which on first glance looks like you have. PLEASE update back with success or results!!

Alright, so appears that the Jasco device doesnt pay attention to Parameter 2 no matter what I have tried. I senddata, and check via Vera device options - used BOTH hex x1e and dec 30, tried setting it both with light on and off. Turn on manually at switch, and it goes back to last setting. Weird thing, I change the level at switch, turn off, turn on, and it remembers what I set it at. The solution above, by setting the Vera variables, DOES however work when turning the light on/off via Vera. I am at a loss for how to make this work with the dimmer… have only tested in Vacancy mode. Will test tonight again in Occupany mode.

In the docs referenced below, parameter two is described as “change brightness of associated light bulb(s),” and as you know, the word associated is magical in the ZWave world. I’m wondering if this is the wrong parameter because it’s for changing bulbs on associations rather than the built-in dimmer/driver.

There is a parameter 17 that’s rather mysteriously described as “switch level,” but it seems plausible that this is referring to itself.

Ref: Product Configuration Capabilities


@rigpapa I know you are in Georgia somewhere, and I need to go back down there to hike a section of the Appalachian Trail, but when I do, I am going to bring you beer. This appears to be the trick here. I was wondering why the value 255 is default for parameter 2, which means that it is indeed for associated devices to turn on using the previous setting (ie, adhering to their parameter 17). I need to ‘fix’ a few things, as I lost the configuration for 2 endpoints in the Vera… the classic reset of the name to _Dimmable blah, which didnt affect the primary node. Since this changed Vera ID numbers, a few things need adjustment. Will report back later on final findings… but things look very promising now.

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This has been working now for 2 nights, and I have been tweaking the light percentage for my light types… I have updated the original post.


Where might I find the parameters (112, 4, 17, 1, xx) for other brands of dimmers, such as the Zooz?

I tried these listed, but no success yet.

If you google the model number, and “zwave parameters”, then you should find it easily. Openly documented by a few zwave alliance members and of course the manufacturer:

That may not be your device, but search around :wink: The power of the google compels you!

The Zwave Alliance web site has a product database with all the capabilities and configuration parameters. Very handy!