GE/JASCO 45716/ZW3007 Toggle Switch

Hi: Does anyone have any experience with GE/JASCO 45716/ZW3007 Toggle Switch?
Or any other GE/Jasco Toggle switch?
The Jasco site has no information at all.
Thank you.

Yes, I have used quite a few of these in my pre 1900 house in Washington, DC without neutral wires available at the switch boxes. They will not support LED and CF lights, only Incandescent. There is a model available with the neutral that will support LED’s and CF’s. I haven’t attempted using these for 3 way switches because the auxiliary toggle requires a neutral, I have only used these in single switch applications. They work great and were fairly easy to include on my Vera 3 using UI5. They were quite difficult to purchase, however, I did find them on EBAY. I am also using other Jasco Toggle style switches which are now readily available on the Home Controls web site. They also have GE versions with different model numbers available even though I thought these were the same company. However, the 45716 is not available on the site, you may want to call them. The only other information I have found for the 45716 is here…

If you have some specific questions, I will be glad to answer them.

Likewise - I have a GE/Jasco 3way that works just fine. The only problem I had was the initial pairing. It seems that they want to to “tap” to pair, which is a lighter and faster touch that what you would use to turn the light on or off.

We are slowly but steadily bringing in the entire line of new GE switches, the new 127xx series. There are many new ones and ALL are manufactured by Jasco products for GE. Right now the toggle switches are only made in white, with Lt Almond coming at some point. They are available with an auxiliary switch. The new rockers are out as well which include both a white and Lt Almond rocker. They also have an auxiliary as well plus a new addition to the line, a rocker ceiling fan motor switch.

The Lamp, applicance and outdoor modules have been replaced with a 12718, 12719 and 12720 respectively as well as the new receptacle. They are also adding an outdoor 40A switch module as well.