GE/Jasco 45609 as virtual 3-Way Switch

I am attempting to create a 3-Way switch at the top and bottom of the stairs. Existing 3-way wiring is not in place. Therefore, I would like to trigger the master GE/Jasco 45609 with another GE/Jasco 45609. However, this is a wife driven project (which are so rare), so a smooth experience is important. Therefore, we need to minimize latency (like a real 3-Way switch).

It is my understanding that these switches do not have direct associations, so that is out. Therefore, the Vera is going to have to detect the change in state on the slave, and trigger a scene on the master. These switches do not support instant status, or HAIL. However, it appears they do send a Node Information Frame (NIF) on state change. My Vera is within direct range of both switches.,25994.msg184182.html#msg184182

Are there any hacks available for the Vera to trigger a scene based on the NIF? Or, trigger a poll?

Any ideas are appreciated.


No hacks are required as Vera already does this, provided the 45609 is peaking directly to Vera and not through intermediate nodes.

If getting this right the first time is as critical as you say; my recommendation would be to use a Linear WT00Z-1 3-Way Wall Dimmer Switch for the remote rather than a second 45609. The WT00Z-1 is essentially a one button scene controller that you can directly associate to the master 45609.

This will give you near instant response without Vera or intermediate scenes. You can still have scenes to do what you wish, but the “normal” 3-way operation of the switches will not be dependent on Vera.

Thank you for the reply. I currently have a hole in my wall, so we’ll try the 45609. The wife likes that we will have all the same switch throughout the house, and it matches the rest in light almond. But, if the latency is too high, I appreciate the Linear recommendation.

An update: I went ahead and installed the two 45609s. Everything went well, I made two scenes to keep the two switches in sync.

I would say there is approximately a 250ms delay when using the remote switch. Not a big deal, but definitely noticeable. I am fine with it, the wife, meh.

I realize there are numerous factors at play here. 1) How long it takes the remote switch to broadcast the update, 2) How long it takes the vera to notice the update, 3) How long it takes the other switch to change states.

Do I have any chance of improving this with another switch, such as the Linear using direct associations? I am likely not going to mess with it, but it would be interesting to try. I will post a video later of the current state.

You will have less steps and therefore greater speed with a direct association. But, 250ms(1/4 second) is very quick! I don’t know that I would be able to measure the difference between 250ms and a direct association.