GE Jasco 26931 motion sensor settings

I want to get an indication if there is movement in a room. When I paired the 26931, three devices showed up. Motion, _Generic IO, _Appliance Module.
How do I set it up to detect motion and what do the three of these things do? I/O doesn’t offer an Notification options. Somehow the Motion and Appliance module appeared to be linked together but it isn’t clear to me how they work. (Part of the problem is I am doing this remotely so I can’t easily test the different settings and know exactly what is happening in the room) All three devices have a notification setting “If the Device is turned On/Off” It isn’t clear what to do. - I assume I could also set this up in the Scenes section. Any insight would be appreciated.

See this thread,48090.msg429523.html#msg429523