GE Fan Control, swtich not setting speed

Evening all, I just put in two GE Fan Control Switches and at the switch I can’t control the fan speed at the switch. The device shows up as a dimmer, which I read is how it will appear and can’t be changed, BUT on the computer or device it has the dimmer slide and when I slide it the fan does slow down. Any thoughts?

You press and hold up or down to adjust the speed on the switch. The LED should be at the bottom, it will blink to tell you the speed setting.

Thanks! So it’s a short press and hold to adjust speed (and it’s regulated as per the fan 3 speeds) and regarding the blinking - how many blinks should I see for each respective speed (1,2,3).

Sorry for the very basic questions…

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[quote=“The Fine Manual”]Manual Control
To turn the connected fan ON: Press and release the top of the rocker.
(Note: Fan will return to last speed setting of Fan Control. Default setting ? HIGH.)
To turn the fan OFF: Press and release the bottom of the rocker.

Adjust fan speed
To decrease fan speed: Press and hold lower rocker.
To increase fan speed: Press and hold upper rocker.
The LED indicator confirms fan speed settings by flashing patterns
LOW ? LED will blink every 2 seconds for 10 seconds
MEDIUM ? LED will blink every second for 10 seconds
HIGH ? LED will blink every half second for 10 seconds[/quote]