GE Dimmer used as a light switch?

Can I use the GE 45606 (their standard 2 way dimmer) as a regular light switch for ON and OFF like their 45609?

Anyone with experience with this?

Probably only with lighting that you can use with the dimmer. There are some threads floating around about emulating instant on/off with the dimmers (by changing the dim rate and step size).

I just read from the manual that if I press the top, the lights would turn on and bottom to turn off.

If that’s the case, then it should work as a light switch out of the box right?

Any reasons not to use this dimmer as a light switch? I ask because these dimmers are cheaper and it can be used as a dimmer should I need it in the future.

The 45606 is only for use with incandescent bulbs as long the light is incandescent you will be fine if you are using CFL’s or flourescent you need to use a relay switch like the 45609 8)