GE Dimmer switch, ignore previous set level?

I have GE dimmer switches all throughout my house. As it’s set up right now, pressing the “on” portion of the switch will bring the lights up to whatever level the switch was previously at. Is there any way to have the “on” switch turn the lights to 100%, regardless of the previous levels? For example, I set the lights in my den at 25% when I’m watching a movie. When I need to run into the den the next morning to grab something before work, I’d like to be able to just hit the switch and have the lights go up to 100%, not the 25% they were at last night.

Create a Scene for that dimmer. The Event is “when the switch is turned ON”, and the command should be to “Set Level to 100%”.

That should do it :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind losing the dim function via the switch (still can dim via a scene or via Vera) then this is supported by changing the parameters in the GE Dimmer.

If you set the parameters 9->99 and 10->1 you will always get 100% or off only via manual control. The other thing might be this. (copied content from the link I provided)

Ignore Start Level When Receiving Dim Commands
Please note: Every “Dim” command includes a start level
embedded in it.
The 45607 can be set to ignore the start level that is part of the
dim command. Setting parameter 5 to a value of 0 will cause
the 45607 to dim or brighten from the start level embedded in
the command.

  • Parameter No: 5
  • Length: 1 Byte
  • Valid Values = 0 or 1 (default 1)

I am in the same boat as the original post. I set the parameters per aschwalbs message and at the switch
The light will not dim just comes on, however it still will revert to the last setting that was run via scene.

I have a scene created that I created for our hall light to run at 25% when I run that scene it works great but I’d like to be able to goto the switch the next morning and hit the button and have it revert to 100% vs the last setting.

Also on Vera I am getting a message under the hall light that says: “failed at: setting user configuration”

Any suggestions?


So here is a brief explanation of my issue along with the resolution for anybody looking to accomplish the
Same thing.

Issue: I have a GE dimmer switch on the hallway I set up a scene to have the light at 25% at night. What was happening is the next morning my wife would get up and try to use the switch on the wall but the light stayed at 25% vs 100% which is something she wanted to be able to do without having to get her phone and manually increasing the brightness, most times that wasn’t at huge deal but when you are in a hurry the switch would be nice to have to get the light to come on full brightness.

With the help of another forum user here (aschwalb) we were able to accomplish this task. Here’s how:

Choose the light you want this option for (note that you’ll lose the dimming option at the switch ie ramp up) select device options tab and set the parameter like this

9 - 1 byte dec - 99
10 - 1 byte dec -1

After your set this when you goto the switch you’ll notice that it won’t ramp up just comes on.

The interesting thing to notice is if you set the intensity to 50% then goto the switch and turn off the light
And back on it will go straight to 50%, however, if you hold the switch for a sec it will revert back to 100%

This was the one thing that was driving me nuts until we figured out that if you hold the switch for a sec it will automatically jump to full brightness. Kinda a time saver in those " in those in a hurry moments".

I hope this will help some of you as it sure was a big help to me. I will try to answer any questions I can so feel free to ask.



I had the same issue but took another route to solve it. As you said the GE dimmers remember their last setting, this is unlike Leviton switches that have set defaults.

Instead of playing around with the programming of the switches you can try this; in your scene when you turn off your hallway light set it to turn ON and after 5 seconds turn off. This will reset the dim level to full brightness so when your wife hits the switch in the morning it will go to 100%. This is how I have to program all my GE switches otherwise as you said it remembers the last setting.


Arcusjim- thanks for the tips I will definitely try them out.