ge dimer switch

Im new to home automation so please forgive me if im asking a bone head question. I have a vera lite and have installed some dimer switches I purchased from lowes. They added to vera no problem but keep showing up as appliance moduals. I cant get it to add as a dimable plugin as shown in the user guide from vera. Im told its because its a switch that works only on the iris system but the package says with any zwave system. Is there a plugin I need to download?

If it is in fact a dimmer it should show up as a dimmer. They are no different from other GE dimmers. Do they actually dim? I ask this question to make sure that they are in fact dimmers.

  • Garrett

What’s the part number on the device?

the switch is sold as a he dimer switch to control in on/off or single pole,or 3 way via using a relay switch with this dimmer. I’m including it using both the full power method or by moving the vers to the switch. I’ll try to upload a pic of the switch here.

Post the part number… The GE dimmer and on / off switch look the same…

Does it click when you manually turn it on or off? Does it dim manually?

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