GE Devices Unavailable After a Short Time

I sell the GE Z-Wave devices so I thought I would load in a few examples, buy the Vera 2, and see what happens. Thus far the thermostat has been rock-solid but the appliance modules, outlets and light switches have given me fits.

Once I bring them up they work and report just fine. About an hour later the system cannot find them, even though they do respond to a forced poll. Stress testing come back with 0 successful pings and the modules won’t take a forced reconfiguration. As you might conclude, they don’t respond to commands either.

Repairing the system doesn’t help nor does a forced reasssociation with the neighbors.

Does anyone have any insight on this issue, or can you point me to some links that might help me solve this issue?

All my 2-way switches, 3-way switches, Outdoor modules & appliance modules are all GE(THANK YOU RADIO SHACK!) and I have a lot of them installed. All my lamp modules are Intermatic. I have NO issues with any of them with a Vera 2. I was having issues with Vera having a relible network connection, try this.

Make sure you have Vera connected to Eth1 & not 2 when attaching you CAT5 to your network.

If you have a network router already or have a DHCP server, setup Vera to be a switch only.

Turn off the WiFi in Vera.

Also not important, but I like servers having a static IP address. This make it more stable on the network & when trying to access it locally in your browser, it just typing & it just comes up. Just remember under DNS configuration. That would be the IP address from your internet provider. Enter the primary & secondary addresses.

Hope this helps.

Here is something else I was thinking possible interferance or dead spots, but found some reference on it.

Z-Wave uses the 900 MHz range for better performance, as it contains less traffic in comparison to the 2.4 GHz band. The 900 MHz range allows signals to be stronger and transmit through longer distances with more power.

The maximum operational range between two devices is approximately 45 meters (150 feet) indoors, and over 150 meters (500 feet) outdoors. All devices, except those that are battery-operated, act as repeaters, transmitting messages from node to node until it reaches its final destination. Therefore, if switches are too far apart to communicate directly, you can fill in the gaps with compatible electrical receptacles or plug-in modules

This may help as well. A bug has been found in the Z-Wave firmware. Checkout the link
Breakthrough made in improving Z-Wave reliability - major issue resolved

I put the same problem to the tech support folks and they were very helpful. I downloaded a beta version for testing and followed their directions about configuring the system. Once I got everything up and running ALL the modules have been very stable and functioning as designed.

Thank you very much for your input. I’ll report back here any anomolies I experience.