GE CADDX 8E Serial Interface to Vera 3

I need some help to get the Serial Interface from my GE CADDX NX8e woking to connect to my vera

Here is where I am currently:

  1. downloaded the GE CADDX plugin from the apps store
  2. I plugged in the USB to Serial adapter (FTDI_SIO)
  3. On the connections tab it shows with the above (FTDI_SIO) , 38400, 8,N,1 as configured on the alarm panel setup.
  4. The message above shows opeining IO ports and then running LUA Startup, this runs continuosly over and over

FYI, The USB cable adapter is connected straight with the above results, If I add a null modem adapter eventually the message is failed to configure.

Any suggestions to get the NX8e configured to my Vera 3?

Some people report that the default serial settings are 9600 bps and not 38400 bps. Try that.

My usual advice is that people connect the USB end of the adapter to a real computer instead of Vera, and run a terminal program like PuTTY, to prove that the connection is good.

thanks for your advice I tried to change the baud on the alarm panel as well as the connection side of the plug in to 9600 but no luck.

I am assuming you mean plug the serial connector from the alarm panel to a pc to check connection, is the terminal program PuTTY something I can download if so from where?


Yes, that’s what I mean. Google it.

Edit: Also see the main thread. Plenty of talk about PuTTY there too.

I finally got the GE NX-8e working. i discovered the ribbon 232 cable on the board was incorrectly installed backwards when the system was installed, the red line on the ribbon cable which represents pin 1 needs to be facing the outside of the board rather than the inside. Once this got chaged Vera3 correctly configured the Plugin for the GE security system. Now it all works perfectly.

Thanks for the inital advice on the 9600 baud rather than the 38400 setting. I am happy to assist anyone who has a GE NX-8e system on the use of the right USB/RS2-32 cable that works with the mi casa verde and the configuration settings on the GE alarm system as well as on the mi casa verde.