GE Brillion, Nucleus and Vera?

I was investigating a GE Geospring heat pump water heater and noticed that it had some nice features that would be really nice to access remotely. Then I saw an aside that it will take a GE Appliance Communication Module ($50). Sweet! but looking further the module also needs a GE Nucleus for $150 which appears to be GE answer to home automation. sigh… $50 should deliver a simple wifi interface, not an interface to an interface, plus more likely than not monthly fees.
Has anyone played with getting Vera to talk with any GE Brillion devices? If this major appliance manufacturer is going to use this technology to link their appliances to the web, it seems like it would be a Good Thing for Vera to be able to communicate with it.


GE has released a module they call the Green Bean which will allow you to communicate with certain GE appliances. It connects to the communications port and has a USB interface. They have also provided an SDK.

Brillion also has introduced a Connect Plus module which is supposed to connect via wifi and the new android and ios apps.

Now to see if any of these can be integrated into the Vera!


The GE Green Bean opens up a world of possibilities for the Vera. All communication is up to the developer, so it can be setup to talk directly with a raspberry pi then to Vera. I haven’t done this but have been reading up on it.

Have you tried installing the SDK? I have been unable to track down all the dependencies on a Win7 box, so have yet to be able to connect to the WH.
It is full of possibilities though.
Where have you been doing your reading?

So is the RJ45 interface on devices such as GE’s GEH80DEEJSC GeoSpring Hybrid Electric Water Heater something custom that can only be used with the their ACM, or is it good old 10/100 (1000?) ethernet?


It is custom and is not a standard ethernet interface. You need the Green Bean or the ACM to interface with it.

So far I have successfully connected my GeoSpring with a Pi via the Green Bean. I can change temp, mode, etc. and read the current water temp. At the moment I just use cron to manipulate the temp. I need to learn to write an app for the vera, but the cool thing is that the communication works.