GE A19 Zigbee bulbs disconnect issues - Fixed by using a Link hub

I got several of these bulbs on clearance and had the same issues multiple people have posted about, random disconnects or getting disconnected after a power outage (or even just turning of the associated switch) that required deleting, re-adding fixing the scenes they were a part of etc.

I ended up using the Link hub (basically a mini Wink hub that only works with these lights) that came with a bundle, I paired the bulbs with the Link hub and then used the Vera Wink plugin to connect the Vera to the Link hub which allows you to control them with Vera via the Link hub. Since I did that I haven’t had one disconnect in several months, even after a power outage that last several hours. The caveat is that the Link hub (and I assume the Wink hub as well) uses the cloud to send commands to the hub so there is a slight delay that wasn’t present when I had them direct connected but I would rather deal with that than deal with the disconnects. This won’t help anyone who bought the bulbs individually but if you got one of their bundles (2 bulbs and a Link hub) and still have the hub laying around then this info may be of use.

For what its worth based on what I have read on other forums people have the same issues with these bulbs on other hubs so I dont think the problem is with the Vera and was probably the reason for the clearance sales. Fortunately i got them for dirt cheap but I feel sorry for the people that paid full price for them as I can’t recall reading any posts where people said that they werent having issues with them.