GE 45614 3-way dimmer switch wiring help

I am trying to replace a pair of Leviton 3-Way Toggle Switches (Part # 218-01453-WCP) with a GE 45614 3-way dimmer kit. My home was built in 1996 and the all the cable are black or white.

Both Leviton switches have (1) common connection (with a black screw) and the other two lower connections only say “for black wiring only” (with silver screws). For Leviton siwtch #1, the common cable is black and for Leviton switch #2, the common cable is white. The other two cables to both switches are (1) black and (1) white. From what I have researched, the two other cables are travelers - but I am not an expert.

I would like to avoid calling a electrician, so if anyone could help, I would appreciate it - thanks!

I installed 4 of these recently, replacing X10 3 ways. It took me a while to figure out the first one, the rest went quick.

The key is to identify the PRI switch location. It should be the box which has hot live power coming in to the switch. Wire it up as a single switch and get it working (ignore the AUX).

This should leave you with a traveller romax to the AUX location. It is easy from there. The traveller romax and AUX switch loop into the PRI and are not connected directly to hot live AC.


It really comes down to the exact existing wiring. I think some more detail, preferably a diagram, is needed. For example, that white wire on the common of switch #2, is that part of a romex, or does it go a wire nut in that box, etc. Do you know on which side the power is coming in, and which side switches the load, etc.


I would say that, assuming a 3-wire romex (black, white, red) between primary and aux, that the primary can go there where the load is, or there where the power comes in, and if power and load are in same box it must go there.

Also, the only direct connection between primary and aux is the signal wire (i.e. the wire that connects the yellows). In addition, the aux switch is directly connected to either hot or neutral.