GE 45610 and 45609 wiring help

I have been trying to wire these switches for the last few days with no luck. I have read through several posts but everyone?s situation is a bit different.

I have been able to get the primary switch working and connected to the hub but I can not get the aux switches working.

You can view my wiring diagram here:

I currently have everything disconnected.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Have you watched this video? He lays everything out pretty clearly.

Is your wiring significantly different than this?

My wiring is a bit different.

I am going to make a mock up like the one in the video to verify that my switches are working.

Check out the wiring diagram in this post. Do you really have a “Black, White, Red and ground” AND “Black, White, Ground” wires running between two of the lights? You should have plenty of wires to accomplish the setup per the diagram.

If you ever connected your remotes to the red wire before you disconnected all of them from the other original switches while they were still connected to 120v line it is possible you have burned out your remotes and they are dead.

The GE remote “switches” use the red wire at their own low voltage to signal the master.

When installing the GE devices, first disconnect ALL existing switches and verify with 100% certainty which wires are the load, line, and traveler using a multimeter. This is absolutely critical to map out exactly what each wire is. Usually a red wire is the traveler, however… make sure… The only wire that should have 120V compared to ground is the line.

Then starting at the far end remote (if you have multiple remotes) connect the neutral and traveler facing towards the master or middle remote.

If you have a middle remote, cap off the line, (I think), connect the ingress and egress loads together (bypass the remote), connect the neutral. Then, join the two travelers in the box (from the far end remote and towards the master) with another traveler wire going in to the remote in that box. (3 wires tied together).

Now at last, connect up the master. Ground, neutral, traveler, load, then at last line. At this point, it should work.

I ran a test to confirm the switches worked, I could not get them to work in the most straight forward of setups. I made the assumption it was the master switch and went to Amazon to get a replacement. I just got it (one of many reasons I love Amazon) and switched it out?everything now works.

Thanks for the help.