GE 45605 Duplex Outlet - making top a switched outlet

I have a bunch of GE Duplex Outlets - linked here: Official Site - America's Technology Store

I was wondering if these outlets work like traditional ones, and can be connected to a wall switch as well so that the top outlet is on a traditional wall switch. I won’t get into the details as to why I want to do this, I am just curious if it is possible. So the bottom would be controlled by my Vera 2, and the top outlet would be controlled by a wall switch.



If it is possible, you would have to disassemble the outlet, and add a “switched hot” lead for the top outlet. I say go for it, take one apart and investigate, they only go for $20, so
It’s no big loss taking one apart.

I do not believe this would be possible. Those switches work by having two hot leads to the plug, one off of the light switch, and the other always hot. You then have a tab on the plug that you break off that then separates the two outlets.

If you look at the ZWave plug, it only allows one hot lead. You would not want to cut power (via the light switch) to that one hot lead, as that would then kill the ZWave radio.

What I did instead was to install a ZWave controller at my light switch, and used it to turn on and off the light via ZWave.

Its not possible to do that without modifying the outlet (which probably isn’t a good idea). Consider using a standard outlet with split wiring. Wiring the top to a switch as described, then wire the bottom to a ZRF113 or similar device.

Remember never use a dimming device to switch a switched outlet as this is never allowed by code. Dimmers do not have the wattage or amperage capacity to handle the load that could be placed in that outlet receptacle. If you were to plug in a vacuum cleaner you would blow the dimmer. That is why they make relay output switches.

Absolutlely correct. In my rush to change all of the switches to Zwave, I did this in 2 rooms on a 3-way switch… I have since ordered some of the old Intermatic CA3000 switches, to replace them. My suggestion to the OP was, yes, you could take apart a standard Zwave switches outlet switch, and rewire the top outlet, but you would need to drill a hole in the case for another #14 switched hot lead, and who knows if there is even room inside to do this, and make the connection. Personally, I wouldn’t bother,