GE 45601 Remote

I’m trying to get a GE 45601 remote working with my Vera3. It seems to “pair” using the Setup/Transfer/Receive sequence, but:

  1. When I click the wrench in the Vera UI, and go to the “Scenes” tab, it only shows buttons 1-9 ON. At the very bottom of the screen it says “Activeate the following scenes when the buttons are turned off:”, but I can’t see a way to scroll down to those settings.
  2. After creating a few scenes (and testing them with “Run ->”), I’ve added them to the buttons that I can see on the remote. On the first tab (“Control”) of the remote, it is showing the scenes that I’ve set for the “ON” buttons. BUT, they are not working. Nothing happens when I switch to “Scenes” on the remote, and press any of the buttons that has a scene attached.
  3. After creating the scenes and adding them to the remote in the Vera UI, I did “resynch” the remote by doing the “Setup/Transfer/Receive” steps as per [url=][/url].

Any ideas? Thanks!


I have two of those devices. They sit permanently in a drawer.

I do remember that you have to follow the instructions to the letter. I was able to get it to ‘function’ but never in a way that was reliable. The device will trigger other scenes, sometimes won’t trigger and generally behaves itself about 30% of the time.

Search the forum with those numbers and you can see that the device baffles quite a few of us.

I’m thinking this was a poor purchase. Maybe an iPhone app would work better? Any recommendations?

Yeah, I’ve got one of these. Unopened still in the package. I don’t think any one has been able to do anything reliable with them. I got it for about $5 on sale as I recall. If any one wants it you can have it for the cost of shipping.

I’ll do one better and ship mine pre-paid if someone signs an agreement to never return them to me!

/Raises hand.

Where do I sign?

AFAIK, the Scenes tab has never done anything useful. Use Automation/Scene wrench/Triggers/Add trigger to setup scene control for the remote. Only use “ON” triggers. After you’ve setup your scene triggers, then re-include the remote. I don’t have a Vera3, but I’d be surprised if the 45601 worked with other Veras, but not this model.

EDIT: Here’s an entire thread on the topic - HELP with a GE45601 remote and Vera3 UI5 working together

I never could get these remotes to work scenes via Vera.

But I was able to program them using the remote’s method of programming. You first have to include the remote to Vera to get the ZWave information onto the remote, then you can use the remote’s internal method to program it.

I have a bunch laying around that are used for simple light turning on/off, and leaves the remotes that can work with Vera free to perform Vera scenes.