GE 45600 remote - can't add devices

Vera 2 is my primary controller and I have a GE 45601 remote (With the LCD screen) and a Intermatic HA07 remote. Both have been added to Vera and I’ve had no problems to add actual devices to each of those remotes.

I just got a GE45600 remote and added it to Vera. It shows up in the dashboard and the ‘All On/All Off’ function of the controller works, indicating it’s joined. However, when I try to add a devices to a button on the controller (press/hold setup, then add then light button then number button) it keeps on flashing green and finally flashes red twice without adding the device. I tried each and every type of device I have with no luck.

Anybody have any suggestions? I really do not want to create 9 scenes, ecah to switch a light off or on.

I believe it appears to depend on what version of the remote you have and/or what version of Z-Wave you’re running on Vera.

A search should turn up several threads on this.

Thanks, I had already found a couple of those threads but they don’t offer much of a solution. I was oping for some more. Only paid $0.80 for it as I had to use some fleaBay$ before they expired so I am not heartbroken about it’s failure to work. Just expected more from it based on my experiences with my other GE remote.

Guess next time I find a good deal on a 45601, I’ll have to jump on it.

So is the definitive answer, that there is a version problem?

How does one verify the version on the remote, is there an upgrade, How does one prevent buying a remote only to have it become obsolete one again?

I paired the remote with Vera, it works on all on/off and I can set up a trigger in a scene to do things when I push a button, but I cannot add a device to directly control using the directions that came with the remote.

According to this post on Amazon (see first review) the controller is not capable of handling devices just scenes. But at $6 maybe not a bad scene controller for a spare???