GE 3 way switch with dead end

As I was wiring up a 3-way GE on/off switch and aux, I noticed that the box where I was going to wire the aux looked different from the other 3-way switches I’ve done. I think its what is known as a dead end. Looks like it only goes back to the light (part of a ceiling fan). I can get the 3-way switch to work on its own in the other electrical box, but it doesn’t look like there’s a traveler. Just a line/load/neutral/ground in the dead end box. The line/load are coming from the same 3 wire bundle. Anyone have any ideas as to how to wire an aux that will work in there? Or if its even possible? The only solution I can think of is that I’m going to wire up a regular (or maybe dimmer) switch and get a remote wall switch to act in place of the physical switch. Any help would be appreciated.


Was the box you’re attempting to install the GE aux in, used for a traditional 3-way previously? (In that case, I would imagine there have to be 2 wires that (eventually) make it back to the other box?)

If by traditional, did it work, then yes. However, the single wiring bundle goes back to the fixture, not the box, and did not have a traveler.

Are there no connections between both boxes at the fixture? If not, then how did both boxes ‘talk to each other’ previously to create a 3-way?

There are many ways to wire a 3 way light. And you previously had a 3 way light right?

Google 3 way switch diagram pictures.

Wiring doesnt have to go from one switch to the other then to the light. The light can be in the middle with wires running to both switches.

First is to identify what you have going on first. Then we can find a way to make it work.

Look here for some ideas.