GE 3 Way Connection Trouble

Wanted to see if anyone could give me guidance. I’ve hooked up many 2 way and a few 3 way z-wave switches but this one was wired differently. Main Switch with power has wires to the Light and to the Aux Switch, while the Aux switch only has one set of wires from the main switch. Normally I would cap off the two blacks in the Aux box but I don’t have those in this one. So now I have a Black, Neutral, Traveler(Red) and Ground with only three wires needing to be on the Aux switch. Anyone know what I’m supposed to do with the single extra wire? Currently the setup isn’t working so I’m trying to do one step at a time.

See the attached diagram.

Awesome, thank you so much. For some reason I was thinking off tonight and had the wrong blacks connected going to the Light, your diagram made me realize what I did and voila…perfecto.

Appreciate the quickness :slight_smile:

I am also trying to wire in a 3 way switch however my boxes are wired differently. Both switches are in 2 gang boxes and each of the original switches has only 1 black, 1 white & 1 red wire attached as in the photo below. I’ve tried several configurations and nothing has worked so far. From what I’ve been reading, it seems like the kit might not work for me in this situation. I do not know much about wiring however when I had one of the white wires disconnected on one of the original switches, the light could be controlled with both switches only if the switch was in the on position, if that is any help. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Aren’t there some ground wires I see unused in the back of that box?

I don’t think your setup is any different from what Z-Waver posted other than the old switches didn’t use the ground…

There’s not enough in that picture for me to tell you what you have.

Are all three wires in the picture from the same piece of cable? If so, then this switch would be the Aux/Remote in my diagram.

But, perhaps you should get someone more experienced with household electrical wiring to take a look for you. Perhaps an electrician. They are cheaper than emergency room visits or home owners insurance deductibles.

Thanks for the replies!

I have managed to get it wired in properly without incident after studying some photos. Just needed to take a step back and think about how the circuit would work.