GC100[99] : Failed to open IO Port (error message in vera blue screen)


today my vera is reporting this message in the blue top part of the screen.

thanks for the help

GC100[99] : Failed to open IO Port

So is mine. My GC-100 and iTach both used to be rock solid. Now they are erratic. Even if they initially open a port, they lose it very soon.

The mine is Itach Global Cache Dry Contact Wifi

using GC-100 plugin…
past today all the day with this error on my vera and after simply the message disappeared

Any solution to this?

I do not remember what I did to solve this but tomorrow I will search on my records.

I used to have this problem when my GC100 got disconnected from the network. The plugin has (or at least had) no method for reconnecting when this happens. The workaround is to reset Luup by using the Reload button or going to Luup Files under Apps >> Develop Apps and select to Reload Luup without selecting a file for upload. I have not experienced this problem in a long time since adding the GC100 to a UPS.

Dead me also. ‘reload’ doesn’t fix it

Check if the ip address of the device changed …
correct in advanced tab…

I have faced the same problem.
What I realize is that the itach’s Ip changes to a wrong one on my vera.
The correct is but it changes to

I had the same issue. Vera keeps giving the the wrong Ip…
I had mine at and vera kept changing it to

I fixed it my changing the iTACH to the IP vera so desperately wants it to have…

As soon as I change the IP of iTach to what Vera shows, Vera chenges the IP again :frowning: