GC-TBZ48 Thermostat-Unable to set temperature in meshbot

I have a meshbot set up to turn the heat down to 66F in the evenings. When the time comes, I get the notification that the meshbot has run but the temperature hasn’t changed. The thermostat is a GoControl GC-TBZ48.

Hello @brausse

Could you please share your unit’s serial number via PM to verify its settings?

Will keep updating you on this forum thread.

PM with S/N sent

Hi @brausse

Thank you so much for providing me with the serial number. We have made some changes to your controller and the Meshbot seems to work now.

Do not hesitate to tag me in case you need anything else.

Thanks for fixing the Meshbot problem. My Meshbot now sets the temperature in the evening like it should. Will this change disappear if a firmware update is done to the Ezlo?

There are still several other problems with the thermostat app and web interface.

  1. the status displays for the thermostat are wrong. They do not agree with what I see on the thermostat. I’ve included pictures from this morning.
  2. the Heat status button on the app is always Red no matter which mode the thermostat is in. Also, if I press the Off or Cool or Auto button, it switches to that mode but the Heat button remains Red. If I then press the Heat button, nothing happens.


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@Brayan_Arbelaez can you please check the values coming from the device and the broadcasts. Then we will understand why the values differ.

I don’t understand what you mean by check the values coming from the device and broadcasts. When I change the thermostat from the thermostat’s controls, the values on the app and web page do not change. When I change the temperature setting from a meshbot, the set value changes but the actual temperature does not show correctly on the app or webpage.

There is also the problem where I can’t set HEAT from either the app or the webpage. The HEAT button on them stays red all the time no matter what mode the thermostat is in. Also, if the thermostat is in OFF/COOL/AUTO, I can’t change it to HEAT.

I’m at home all morning so if you would like to diagnose the problem over the phone, I would be happy to call you or you can call me.

Hello @brausse ,

This was a message for a co-worker.

At this moment the information the device is sending matches what’s displayed on the dashboard:



I’ll go ahead and create a support ticket so we can complete some tests.