GC-100 / iTach IP2IR Issues

Trying to get my iTach IP2IR device setup with Vera 1, running the newly released firmware (though I was seeing similar behavior just prior to upgrade). Let me tell you what I’m seeing, and hopefully someone has some ideas what’s going on. BTW - the device is working - I use openremote.org software and it’s functioning as expected, so it’s not the setup on the iTach itself.


Add the GC100 Plugin from mios - it installs, and opens a window for the new device. I enter a name for it, and enter the IP and MAC address. Close window, click Save.

Next I use the Add/Remove Device button from the top bar, and add IR device. First it asks for me to select the transmitter (shows all 3) and I choose the 3rd one, as I’m using this with a blaster for testing. Next I select device type, manufacturer, and model #. Bunch of commands with test buttons show up… I test the buttons, and they DO WORK - feeling good… I click use this model, it downloads the XML and it creates a device for it. I then rename the device and click Save.


That’s where I stop feeling good… at that point I can’t do anything with the newly created device. There is no place to control it from the UI (maybe this is normal, I’ve not seen it function yet), I don’t see the device listed in the commands tab while creating/editing a scene, and when I click the “Remote” tab in a scene, it says “Opening Remote…” spins and comes back with a message “Received invalid response.”

Am I missing something? Some sort of configuring I need to do? Am I trying to control it incorrectly (is there another place I need to be looking for controlling it)? Or is there a bug, or my unit messed up?

Thanks for any help you can provide!


You either have to create a remote for it in the “remote” tab of a scene. Or if you want to use it to automate turning on/off (or other functions) of an IR device at a given time or event type, then you have to configure the command to do it from the “advanced” tab of a scene using the plugin you created for each device.

Thanks strangely,

I’ll try the “advanced” tab method tonight… looking now remotely, when I add the TV device on the advanced tab, I see 100’s of options to send… this normal? or should I only be seeing those that I saw with “test” buttons when I set the tv device up?

Still, doesn’t solve my remote issue… I can’t create one using the remote tab… see above, I get an error when accessing that tab.

Also, any idea what this item from the Release Notes does for us?

  1. Implement a new Infrared learning, identifying, transmitting engine.

In the advanced tab, once you select the device you want to control then it will give a further drop down for all of the supported functions that the plugin or IR device supports as actions.

Think of the advanced tab as useful for macros and strings of events.

I’ve attached some pics of the type of thing you’ll see here when you are creating these.

I just tried the remote tab “remotely” and it doesn’t work for me either. I’ll also try it from my PC once I’ve remoted in, and let you know if it works locally, or if its broken.

If you have an iPad, or iPhone/iPod touch then you should consider purchasing SQremote from the app store, and use that to control the plug-in via Vera. It really is that good!

[quote=“jamie, post:4, topic:167540”]Also, any idea what this item from the Release Notes does for us?

  1. Implement a new Infrared learning, identifying, transmitting engine.[/quote]

I think this was for TrickTV as MCV never got round to implementing learning in Vera. Not sure how it works, and if you need to actual trick TV hardware and IR blaster though!? I’d hope not.

SUPER - I will try the advanced tab tonight… your images look like what I’m seeing, so I think I should be set there… didn’t think to look on that tab previously.

as for the Remote Tab being broken… can’t say that I’m glad that it’s happening to you, but taking comfort in knowing that it isn’t “just me.”

Thanks for your help!

So the remote tab is also broken if I log in directly to Vera! I think its server side.