GC-100-12 and multiple WF2CC

I already have the GC-100 plugin installed and configured and working with my GC-100-12. I’m looking to add some iTach WF2CC units. In order to control those (like the relays showing up on the GC-100), do I just install the GC-100 plugin again and configure it with each WF2CC IP address? Are there any issue with having multiple copies of the GC-100 plugin installed or is there a different way of getting my configuration to work?

From your Vera Go to APPS > My apps > open the installed GC100 app and click create another. See attached screen shot.

It will create a new device and the rest of the information you have is correct. Add IP etc.

There are no issues with having multiple devices generated via the app; however be cautious if you want to delete one of the devices as there is a bug that affects this and if you use the trash can it will delete all.

If you are using the GC100 app and as indicated your using the GC100-12 you should also be aware of this and @RTS modified file.

Thanks @Brientim, makes sense. I’ll move forward with the WF2CC and give it a shot.

On a somewhat related topic. I’m trying to see how best to control a relay board (something like the NCD relaypros ProXR) from Vera. The link to the relay vendor is: http://www.relaycontrollers.com/Relay/Device/R820PL_WIFI. They have a wifi input relay board. They have analog inputs that you can have relays configured to respond to.

I’d like to be able to control the relay board via wifi from MCV. I started with the idea of using the GC-100 plugin and WF2CC to get to the board (in backyard where wifi signal reaches). MCV->WF2CC (for contact closure)->RelayBoard (for load control).

I also found the IORelay plugin for Vera which seems to control the RelayPros board via a serial connection. Looks like work stopped on this plugin some time ago. If this were able to work over wifi then I could save the expense of the multiple WF2CC (only 3 channels, and would need 3 of them to control an 8 relay board).

Looking for input from forum members on how best to tackle this project.

  1. Would the IORelay plugin send the right signal (despite having a serial protocol) to control the relay board if I used the Wifi version of the relay board?
  2. Or is the best approach to interface to the relay board via multiple WF2CC’s from Vera/GC-100 plugin? (or combination of iTach Flex’s)
  3. Or something else ?