GarageDoor sensor

Does anyone have an opinion on tilt sensors versus magnetic sensors for garage doors? and if so which brand & model?
Is it correct to say that a tilt sensor would not identify a partially open door - let’s say 1 foot open - enough for someone to squeeze under?



vs something like this - many vendors:
a reed switch
wired to
dry contact to zwave device

Or I see in this forum some people use a door/window sensor on their garage door - I suppose the mounting has to be special made.

I have a Ecolink on my door and it works well. The only time I have an issue is if I get a Lua reload while it is changing state and it never picks it up. If you have a sectional door and put it on the top section, it will indicate an open door when the door is open just a bit. The top section tilts toward the horizontal pretty quick. You can also adjust the tube with the contact in it in the Ecolink to make it more or less sensative.

I have two garage doors, one with an EcoLink tilt sensor, the other with an EcoLink door/window sensor.

I’ve got the tilt sensor on the top panel of the door, and I’d estimate the door has to rise up about 6-12" before it detects it. I installed that sensor back in Sep 2018, and when paired it created a “phantom” device that I had to manipulate a bit. It sounds like from posts I have seen here that this problem was fixed in some later firmware version.

The door/window sensor detects less than 1" of door rising. But the gap between magnet and sensor is a bit large in my setup, and the magnet that came with the sensor was a bit too weak. So I stacked two little round magnets that I bought at Home Depot and that works. I have them magnetically attached to the door, with the sensor body mounted to the wall.

I am using 2 Door/Window Sensors. 1 for the door to tell me closed & 1 for when the door is open.

i use this with a tilt sensor

all: thanks for the feedback.
I will go with the tilt sensor, though I don’t like the 12" travel. My desired functions are to send a door-open notification late at night and to turn on lights when opening. The door will be mostly closed/opened fully.

One follow-on question, the door is a Chamberlain C203. I looked to see if it has a set of dry contacts in the motor unit that would indicate full open or full closed and it seems to not have that (except maybe through MyQ which is yet another system. A set of contacts seems like an elegant solution - Why is this not a standard feature on door openers? Thanks for the door controller recommendation, but a family member would be against remotely controlling, so my inquiry here is for sensors only. I noticed most threads on sensors turn to a discussion of door controllers. Maybe in the future.

then u can simply us a tilt sensor