Garage switch setup and Scene controller question

Thanks to lots of great threads I have a portion of my zwave setup rolling.

I have a large garage with 2 circuits pulling 10 amps of lighting.

RIght now one switch is on the far wall, the other near wall. I was going to add a zwave switch to the far wall, and to the near wall. I know I will need to use a Leviton switch so that I have instant status to turn on the switch on the far wall, correct? Or are there better ways to do that?

Right now all my switches are Evolve (dimmers) or Jasco (on/off).

The only other feature I MIGHT add later is a occ sensor to the space, in just to kill the lights if I forget to turn them off. Never to turn them on.

Going to fight my levitron 4 scene controller (with load) tonight again. The load side works great when controlled by Vera, but the scene switches dont work. I have scenes tied to them… but they simply dont work. Going to try to delete the scene portion from my network and reinclude it

ASsuming that does not work… any suggestions on a reliable 2 or 4 button scene controller with a relay (load control)? Thinking about insteon with one of their receivers… but would prefer to stay Zwave.



The switches that you have now will work, but without instant status you will have a delay. Depending on how many devices you have it could be minor or it could be a huge delay. If you don’t already have them buy the more expensive ones with instant status for these. If you already have them set it up and try it first.

Something like auto off it won’t matter so much.

Yup, that is what I figured. Might give it a try. Worst case I will use the switch somewhere else!

One more dimming question:
I have the evolve dimming switch which works great. HOWEVER, I hate that i cant double click(or click) to go to full brightness. I have Vera dim a set of lights, which works great… but if I want to override from the switch I have to stand there and hold, which is kind of anoying.

Any switches that dont do that?? I assume same issue… I need a levitron (or cooper) dimmer?

Ill post results here later for all to benefit…